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All things Lily and James

L/J @ LJ
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All Members , Moderated
Hello, and welcome to the first and biggest Lily and James community on LiveJournal! (Or, if you prefer -- the original and best ^_^) This community is for all fans of Lily and James Potter and their friends. Here you can post fics, fic recommendations, art, icons, or just your thoughts, anything is welcome.

  • Fanfic, fanfic recs, fanart, fanart recs and previously undiscussed topics go in posts of their own. Reviews and replies to discussions go in comments. Everything else - do as you please :-)
  • LJ-cut when necessary, ie when posting anything that's longer than a drabble, or large/several pictures. Also put anything that is rated R or above behind an LJ-cut. If you don't know what an LJ-cut is, read this, it is most helpful.
  • Tag your entries.
  • Since some of our members (the creator, to name one) aren't native English speakers, try to keep the netspeak to a minimum. (Bonus reason: netspeak is evol, kthxbai.)
  • Advertising for RPG's etc. is okay, as long as it's somewhat connected to Lily and James. Any ads for, say, an RPG taking place in Harry's 7th year will be deleted. Also, please remember to include some kind of information about the thing you're plugging in your post. "New RPG" or "Multi-chaptered story" is enough.
  • No being rude to other members. I mean it. If it's bad enough, it will get you kicked from the community. This includes snarking at the mods for any decisions they may make.
  • Would be lovely if you were to post an introduction post once you have joined, however, this isn't required.
  • Read the FAQ before asking the mods any questions.
  • Have fun!

Your local dictator moderator/creator is duva, feel free to poke her if you have any questions. She is aided in her modly duties by the lovely fictionalcandie, so if duva is being too slow, or being a big meanie, she's the one to go to.

The layout used for this community is Your Biggest Flan by thefulcrum, with a header and colour customisation by duva.