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Title: Maybe...
Author: Me!...Kris
Summary: Sirius visits James and Lily, and Harry...just before the sadness happens.
Rating: G-PG
Warnings:Kinda was just one of those things I had to get out of me, I'm usually one to write happy stories...

Sirius stared blankly out the window, subconsciously sipping a strong black coffee. He watched people pass, both muggles, and those he could tell were wizards. Half listening to the murmur of voices inside the shop, some caught his ear more than others. Some were talking of personal affairs, some of recent events and politics, and a few, who talked in such a nervous, cautious whisper, were speaking of the latest news in the wizarding world: Voldemort. Sirius put his coffee down and tried not to listen to what they were saying. He wasn’t happy with the present time, but then again, no one was, thought Sirius was really missing ‘the old days.’ He was twenty-one years old and felt fifty.
He hadn’t been to a bar, a club, a party, or done anything remotely entertaining in about the past half a year, or more. Poor Harry…that child was growing up in the middle of a war. That was no way to raise a kid. But James would manage.
James. God he missed that kid. Sirius hadn’t seen James in months, it was sad, but true. He was in hiding with Lily and Harry, and Sirius seldom saw him at Order meetings. Sirius was busy himself, doing odd-jobs, running all over for the Order. Remus was swamped with things too, on some super-secret werewolf hunt for the Order. And Peter hadn’t been around much lately, but then again, he was probably like the rest of Sirius’s friends, and was working for the Order.
Sirius sighed a sigh that made his coffee ripple, then looked around and stood up. He was too impulsive to sit and drink coffee all day. He walked around outside to a nearby alley, saw no one, and with a small ’crack,’ was gone.
Another ‘crack’ sounded far from the coffee shop, and appeared a dark-haired handsome man walking briskly toward a medium-sized house with a huge oak tree in the front. As he passed the tree, Sirius recalled many a good memory, and smiled to himself.
“James, you’re nuts,” He muttered as he remembered the time that they tied a huge piece of rubber to the tree and tried to sling-shot themselves across the yard.
“One day Harry will do something just as crazy. One day…”
Sirius opened the back door and walked into an empty dark kitchen. He heard whispers, then unmistakably James voice.
“We’re in the den.”
Though all the lights were off, Sirius navigated himself perfectly through the house. He ended up walking in to a very dimly lit room, James and Lily snuggled tightly on the couch, and Harry lying peacefully in his crib next to them. Sirius plopped down on what used to be James’s dad chair, though that title had been long since abandoned. He began to examine Harry with them.
He started to wonder how he could be so happy, so calm. Not knowing that everyone that loved him was fighting a terrible war, scared of their own shadow. His tiny little chest was rising and falling with every breath, and no one said anything. Sirius drifted his eyes toward the most lovable and in-love people he knew. They themselves looked content, yet afraid. Then he noticed a stream of silent tears pouring from Lily’s eyes. He saw James hug her closer, and then Lily started speaking.
“ I’m afraid. I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I don’t want anything to happen to Harry, or to us, or to anyone we know. Guys, this war has gotten so much worse and the work the Order is asking for is so dangerous. I just don’t want to lose any of you.”
James kissed the crown of Lily’s head and rubbed her shoulder, but he didn’t say anything. Again, silence fell upon the room.
Then Harry started squirming and woke up.
“Daddy!” Harry cried with laughter in his voice as he crawled to the side of the crib to observe his surroundings. Before James could respond, Harry was in a staring contest with Sirius. Sirius was looking into those piercing green eyes, an exact copy of Lily’s. Harry started drooling, and Sirius couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Harry started laughing too, and soon the whole room went from nervous and anxious to hysterical. Harry made the cutest faces, soaking up the attention.
“Mummy! Up!” He cried out this time, looking eagerly at Lily.
Lily looked her husband and at Sirius who were anticipating the next moment. She walked over to Harry and lifted him out of the crib and set him on her lap.
Next Harry made various noises, most similar to that of a car, a very fast broomstick, and most common, a happy, spitting, baby. For the next hour the three of them played with Harry and seemed to forget about their troubles. Harry went to bed soon enough, but Sirius still stayed, him and James putting on records that had their favorite songs, many of which held a memory, or seven.
It was all happy and fun, even when the three were so pooped they all plopped on the couch in sync and started reminiscing of Hogwarts. It was one of the few things that could make any wizard happy these days.
“And so McGonagall told me, ‘It was in the dungeon!’,” Exclaimed Sirius as he finished his story of fourth year escapades. James and Lily exploded with laughter, remembering the day themselves. And it was quiet again.
“Woo-that was good one.”
“Yea…” James thoughts wandered back to Lily’s earlier statement.
“Lily, no one knows what’s going to happen. But if there’s one thing I can count on, it’s that everyone we love will come through alive. I know it. I’m not going to let anything happen to anybody. I know a lot of tragic things have happened lately, even to people we care about. But whenever this ends, and believe it will end, and we’ll win, when it ends things will be good. Things will be good.”
“You’re not Superman, James.”
“Well, I can try to be. And-”
Harry was heard crying from a crib afar.
“I’ll get him.”
Lily stood up and so did Sirius.
“It’s getting late my loves. I think it’s best I had home.”
“Okay, bye Sirius.”
“Bye Lily.”
James patted his friend on the back.
“Always here, mate. Always here.”
“Of course. Hey, see you at the Order meeting of Friday?”
“Okay, bye Prongs!”
“See you, Pads!”
Sirius walked out the front door, not caring about what may be around the corner, or hiding in a shadow. Visits with James always made him feel great, especially when he hadn’t seen him in a while.
Though that was the last time Sirius would see James alive. The next day Voldemort found James and Lily and killed them. He couldn’t kill Harry. James fought like Superman, battling the one person he secretly feared, defending everything and everyone he loved. He had scars, scratches, bruises, broken limbs, but he kept putting up a fight. With every thread of hope tore from his body, Voldemort killed him in his own home.
Lily was mere locked door away, trying to save Harry. James told her to run-she couldn’t. She was too stubborn. She wasn’t going to let husband fight alone. Voldemort came in the room and she knew James was dead. Voldemort didn’t even want to kill her, all he wanted was Harry. But Lily wasn’t about to step aside for him. No. Let Voldemort kill her-just save Harry. So he did.
Sirius found them staring blank-faced up at him, under about a foot of rubble. He grabbed Harry and cried silently as he kept asking why Mummy and Daddy were sleeping. Hagrid arrived nearly seconds later on order of Dumbledore. Sirius knew Dumbledore would do the right thing, and obediently gave Harry over, along with his motorcycle.
Sirius knew what happened. He knew Wormtail gave Voldemort the information. But he would catch that insignificant scum in the morning. He needed to stay with James the rest of the night. He moved their bodies next to each other after unearthing Lily. Then he wept his heart apart. James promised nothing would happen to any of them, and here he lie dead on the ground. He promised everything would be good one the war was over. Things weren’t good. But then again, the war wasn’t over yet. Maybe in years time things would be good. Maybe in years he would see James again and things would be good. Maybe.

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