blackroseblue17 (blackroseblue17) wrote in lilyandjames,

The Classics

I'm bored (I'm procrastintating) and I don't have any inspiration for fics that I know where I want them to go, but just don't know the journey, same old, same old, so I'm here asking for one thing.

The best Lily/James fanfiction. The classics. The ones that if I haven't read them, I'm not a true L/J fan. The ones that everyone knows about it. The hidden gems. Things that should be published as original novels. The ones that can't because they are so in character, that even with name changes, you would know the characters for who they were.

I only ask one thing. only recs. I want to be able to read, review, favorite, and alert on my account and I want to be able to do that on an account I have and I don't want to open a new account.

Tags: fanfic, fic rec, looking for...

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